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About the Local Housing Board

Asset Reform - UDHA (RA 7279) and Related Info


A LOCAL Housing Board (LHB) is a local special body that addresses shelter concerns in the formulation, development, and implementation of LGU’s  (Local Government Unit) comprehensive and integrated housing and land development program. It is the key to successful local housing projects being undertaken by LGUs through its mechanism to translate housing program plans to reality.

The Board may be created by the LGU in the following manner:

  1. The Local Chief Executive issues an Administrative Order creating the LHB pursuant to an Ordinance approved by the local Sanggunian (council).
  2. The LHB shall be responsible for drawing up the local housing policy, plans, and programs of the LGU concerned.
  3. LHB is composed of the Mayor as Chairman; Vice Mayor as Vice Chairman; representative each from the local Sanggunian, City/Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator or Engineer, Assessor, and Treasurer.

Implementing arm of the Local Housing Board: The Local Housing Office

  1. The LHB shall establish a Local Housing Office (LHO) which shall implement the policies, plans, and programs adopted by the Board.
  2. The City/Municipal Mayor shall appoint a General Manager of the LHO who shall serve on a full-time basis.
  3. The LHO may be composed of the following divisions:
  • Administrative and Records Division

a. Responsible for the over-all direction and supervision of personnel;
b. Implement policies/guidelines/ procedures related to accreditation/ monitoring/evaluation of community associations and beneficiaries;
c. Handle the documentation of all socialized housing projects;
d. Keep the records or files of all documents and personnel;
e. Custodian of all properties acquired for safekeeping;
f.  Procurement and deliver all supplies and equipment needs; and
g. Prepare Deeds of Sale and monitoring of the same.

  • Technical Planning and Development Division

a. Identify project sites related to shelter development and land acquisition;
b. Formulate plans and programs for upgrading specific/existing projects;
c. Undertake the demolition of illegally constructed housing units on government and private properties and along danger zones;
d. Prepare plans, lot surveys, on-site inspection, and (partially) supervise projects to ensure that these conform to the approved specifications and existing regulations as embodied in the local development plan.

  • Community Affairs and Development Division

a. Conduct census of potential beneficiaries of the projects;
b. Render assistance to families and associations in relation to meeting their basic needs by giving self-employment or self-help projects and cooperatives, through livelihood trainings;
c. Prepare plans and programs/projects for the communities, NGOs and GOs in line with the administration’s activities for the under-privileged.
d. Perform all integral tasks in the implementation of policies and guidelines on the utilization and individualization of titles and housing loans.

  • Financial and Legal Services Division

a. Provide all services in connection with the collection and servicing of loan accounts;
b. Prepare contracts and all other documents pertinent to the award to qualified beneficiaries;
c. Be accountable for all payments made, for updating debts by giving clearance certificates to fully paid beneficiaries.
d. The Division shall be composed of the City/Municipal Administrator, Treasurer, Budget Officer and the Chairman of the Committee on Way and Means of the Sanggunian.

Source:Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). ”LGU’s Guidebook for Local Housing Project/Program”.

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