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Sample LGU and Barangay Ordinances for Waste Management Implementation


TO HELP LGUs and barangays draft and process their own ordinances to effectively reduce garbage in the community in accordance with the solid waste management program of the government, shares the following templates:

Barangay Ordinance on Ecological Solid Waste Management - to guide, control and regulate the generation of solid wastes within the Barangay and promote an orderly and sanitary system for reducing garbage at home and the whole community.

Ordinance Creating the City/Municipal Solid Waste Mangement Board - to adopt a systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program which shall primarily ensure the protection of public health and environment and shall encourage greater private sector participation in solid waste management.

City/Municipal Ordinance Requiring Segregation at Source - requiring the segregation at source of all household, institutional, industrial, and commercial wastes and/or garbage into wet or biodegradable and dry or non-biodegradable.

City/Municipal Ordinance Establishing the MRF - establishing the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) under the Waste Management Office of the city/municipality, defining its functions and responsibilities, and authorizing the generation of funds therefrom.

City/Municipal Ordinance Prohibiting the Burning of Garbage - prohibiting the burning of garbage, trash, or any other refuse materials in streets, sidewalks, and other public places.

City/Municipal Ordinance on the Viability of Technology in SWM - manifesting  the intention of the city/municipal government to look into the viability of various technological approaches on solid waste management.

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